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Awaken Your Inner Genius

Ascend to your greatest success in this Advanced Spiritual Awakening to tap into your genius!

Awaken My Inner Genius!

Change Your Story and Step into Your Glory

If you’ve been tirelessly hustling, investing in programs, seeking the secret sauce to unlock your success, you’re not alone. The truth is the only reason it’s tough is that your subconscious is running the show based on old stories.

These stories, often shaped by external influences, guide your actions and reactions. The more life throws challenges at you, the more you hustle, thinking success will follow suit. You enroll in program after program, hoping to find the magical solution that will transform your aspirations into reality.

So, what’s Missing?

The revelation: to unlocking your true potential to align Your mind, body and soul and connect the dots to your story creating the bigger picture for Your soul purpose and glory!

You are about to embark upon gaining a clearer perspective on your unique strengths—the Zone of Genius that is distinctly yours. The reason for your struggle is often that you’re unknowingly following someone else’s template, walking a path that is suddenly brings the entire jigsaw of Your life together designed for Your DNA Blueprint of ease, flow and grace.

This massive opportunity inside the portal here will transmute your story into your glory and align your Zone of Genius, to better internal and external health, vitality, bringing more inspiration, hence manifesting opportunity to open the door to Your ultimate soul purpose. This will be a transformative journey, that does not need to be about pushing harder; it’s about aligning smarter.

I cannot wait to be Your guiding Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trainer to assist you to break free from the old narratives, embrace your unique brilliance, and create Your authentic life.

Welcome to the transformative experience of Awakening Your Genius!

Is this you?

  • Triggered by day-to-day things in life, that cause you to procrastinate because you lack the inspiration that will drive your success?
  • Spiraling into looking left and right at what others are doing, comparing yourself to their achievements, where they are in their business, their Life, and placing expectations on Yourself that are making you miserable.?
  • Frustrated because you are not living up to your potential and panicked because you think that time is running out?
  • Feeling resentful or with the elements of self-doubt that you are not good enough, and this is a deep ingrained narrative that seems to be driving your life?
  • Stuck in the performance trap, and people pleasing, just to find yourself feeling rejected, depleted and unappreciated?
  • Lacking the certainty, clarity, and confidence to step into Your boldness and speak Your truth?

Everyone’s a genius at something….
You just have to know how to awaken it

It’s time to go from feeling insecure, overwhelmed and procrastinating about becoming that successful version of You, and begin the new roll of life into the domino effect of building a rock-solid foundation body temple and transmuting the old stories of stagnant energy into a fulfilling and magical life, owning your uniqueness and receiving the respect, recognition and love You deserve. This will help you to stand out in Your field and become that Iconic Leader with the prosperity codes of health, wealth and success, that will come to you easily and effortlessly!


What if you could?

  • Discover your inner magic that will dissolve the frustration and stuck energy.
  • Rebirth into falling deeply, madly and eternally in love with your soul and all that you have become and are still becoming.
  • Unlock your limitless potential by uncovering your hidden talents, passions, and abilities—and putting them to better use.
  • Finding your aligned purpose, speak your truth and claim your power without duplicating somebody’s art, but through becoming your truest, purest self.
  • Master your pain from the wounds of your past and learn how to leverage them into building a rock-solid foundation to stand out in the sea of online coaches.
  • Waking up feeling passionate and excited to start each new day knowing you are doing what you were always meant to do with your life.
  • Instead of chasing clients, you become a magnet of your dream clients, attracting them like bees around the honey pot.

The world needs what only you have to offer! Don’t deprive us of your unique gifts!

When you are living outside of Your Zone of Genius, you are not only unhappy and unfulfilled, but you are also robbing the world of the best version of yourself and all that you were meant to be, do, and create, with the mix of your past experiences, passions, talents, and skills.

Awaken My Inner Genius!

Hi, I’m Terri

I am a World-Class Trainer, Coach, and Success Activator. I have been training and certifying coaches in NLP for over 15 years. And I have cultivated the most exciting modalities that will fast-track you to where you want to go.

In these long years of experience, I noticed that many talented coaches and leaders fail in their industry because they are modelling other people’s templates and holding their full potential in lock down.

My Genius Zone is in the phenomenal power of helping You to access that part of Your infinite intelligence. It comes through my art of tapping into the Subconscious and helping You unleash your authentic full expression to be liberated from strongholds blocking Your success.

About me

The Road Map Session That Will Awaken Your Genius Within

  • Session 1: Discover Your Zone of Genius
  • Session 2: Awakening and Expanding Your infinite intelligence
  • Session 3: Leverage Your Zone of Genius for Magic Magnetic Influence
  • Session 4: Learn the Art of Manifestation through Your Superpower
  • Session 5: Unleash Your DNA Coding System of Success
  • Session 6: Awaken the pleasure codes of Sexual Power to Unleash Your Magnetic Energy (Separate private class for men and women)
  • Session 7: Translate The Past Trauma of Your Story into your Greatest Glory
  • Session 8: Embodying the Genius Within to become Number 1 in Your field

Awaken Your Inner Genius

This program helps men and women coaches and leaders to extrapolate what they really do the best.

It will reveal how compelling your inner light and your soul-aligned purpose are to open up your genius zone.

These capitalize on your natural abilities in which you get into “flow”, find limitless inspiration, and seem to not only come up with work that is distinguished and unique but also excels far and beyond what anyone else is doing.

Awaken My Inner Genius!

Learning Outcomes

Total Value:


Unit 1


  • Awaken Your Inner Genius
  • Activate Your DNA
  • The Beginning of Releasing Childhood wounds
  • Discovering Your God given gift
  • What do you truly want in life? 7 Levels deep to finding gold
  • Revolutionize Your Life in the speed of light!!!
  • Claiming Your Power and Finding Your Voice of Health Wealth & Infinite
  • Your Codes of Love, Health, Prosperity and Relationships
  • Acupuncture Points to Release lack of love and self-worth
  • Mantra for Self-Love and Receiving Abundance
  • Discovering the God-given gifts that you’ve taken for granted or didn’t even know you had.
Unit 2


  • Rebirth and Revelation of New Beginnings
  • Breath work as Your life force Activation
  • Master Your Life through Breath Work
  • The Script for Tapping into Your higher self
  • Tapping into Your higher self
  • Ageless Mind, Timeless body!!!
  • Embodying the inner magic that lights you up, so that you can infuse your life with more passion and joy.
Unit 3


  • Grand Initiation Moving Into Your Zone of Genius
  • Activating Your Higher Power through Meditation
  • Get clarity on your mission and purpose from the zone of genius to increase your overall fulfillment and effectiveness within your life.
Unit 4


  • The Key Principles of Communication
  • Magnetism and Manifestation
  • What You Need to Let Go
  • Activating Your Codes of Success
  • Sacred Sales of magnetically attracting Your Soul Clients
  • Chanel Your sabotaging patterns into Epic Success
  • Meditation Breath work Visualization
  • Aligning your work with your authentic self, so you are living on purpose and setting the course to manifest your dreams.
Unit 5


  • Awakening your inner genius
  • Soul-Alignment Activation
  • Deconstructing old Patterns and Reconnecting to Your higher power
  • Standing in the power of your authenticity to be a stand out in the marketplace so that you can really shine and prosper.
Unit 6


  • Quantum Leaping Your Legacy
  • Activating Your Voice, your Message and Your power from the Soul
  • Stepping into Your personal power!
  • Unlocking your highest potential and being compensated for the true value of your life’s work.

Bonus Units

Specialized Meditations


Comprehensive Workbook


Health & Well-being Unit for Ageless Mind, Timeless Body


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