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Hi, I can help You Transform Your life and Rapidly Release Trauma, Stress, and Sabotaging Patterns at the speed of light!

Once you dissolve the pain of the past, such as crippling self-doubt, fear of failure, ridicule, and rejection that causes repetitive sabotaging patterns, You will rise in your personal excellence of courage, confidence, and power to activate Your Success in being the highest expression of who You were born to be.

My name is Terri Messenger and over 14 Years ago, I had a massive transformation that was so deeply profound, pervasive, and life-changing.

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Turning Clarity Into Prosperity: Interview with Veronica Broomes

Veronica Broomes is a Business Growth Coach and Sustainability Consultant. She helps Owners and Founders of service-based businesses in many countries to accelerate growth and boost profits with ease.

As a Business Coach who qualified 12 years ago, she has developed a niche in helping business founders with their pricing, planning, and growth. In 2021, Veronica drew on her experience of working with hundreds of business owners to create a 4-step system to help ‘growth ready’ entrepreneurs achieve growth with ease. This means they can leave behind their struggle to find the ‘RIGHT SYSTEM’ and be helped with planning, boost productivity, avoid costly pricing mistakes and multiply their profits.

Through working with her at Your Small Business Coach, you will feel empowered to bid goodbye to a piecemeal and fragmented approach to how your business works, benefit from reclaiming time for YOU, avoid costly mistakes, generate profits consistently, and deliver enormous value to clients or customers.

On social media, you can connect with Veronica on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook:


Reconnect With Your Body, Soul, and Inner Power: Interview with Beth Manning

Beth Manning is a Master Psychic Healer and Medical Intuitive who helps healers, practitioners, and bodyworkers heal and teaches them how to powerfully integrate energy work into their practices. As a soul and body healer, she helps clients reconnect to their body, soul, and inner power so they can heal fully and live their best life.

This episode talks about how Beth uses her Psychic abilities to heal body and soul and be able to reconnect with one’s body.

To know more about Beth Manning and her energy healing, visit her social media accounts and webpage through these links.

Facebook Group:

IG: @bethmanningintuitive 

Business Page:


Episode 47

Live Session with Lenny Heller

Leny is a mindset coach for mums helping them find life balance and feel confident in their parenting. 

She is a mother of 2 boys, one with autism, and has been burned out after putting everyone else’s needs before her own. 

Now, Leny wants to help other mums learn how to prioritize themselves without taking time away from their kids and bridge the gap of not getting down the rabbit hole. By learning them how to find THEIR way of parenting, finding out who their authentic identity is will make them more confident standing up for themselves and their family. 

Learn more about Leny Heller and her coaching container by simply going to or visit her Facebook page Wholehearted Being

Episode 48

Discover How To Manifest Your Soul Aligned Relationship: Interview with Sonia Koroleva

Sonia helps high-achieving single women find their ideal partner effortlessly, without dating app burnout or changing who they are. 

After going through her own struggles with dating, she stumbled by chance on the powerful tools of NLP, manifestation, shadow work, human design, and inner child healing. Within one month of diving in, she called in her ideal partner and entered into a beautiful relationship! 

Now, Sonia helps other women do the same and find the relationship they deserve!

To learn more about Sonia Koroleva and her services, connect with her on Facebook or on Instagram

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Interview with Krystie Hendrickson​

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Interview with Divya Parekh

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Interview with Donna Liddle

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Live Session with Terri Messenger

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Live Mini Masterclass

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One on one Interview with
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The Principles to Attracting Your Dream Client

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Welcome to Your Prosperity Masterclass with Misty Lynch

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The Master Key to Unlock Your

Episode 24

Welcome to Your Prosperity Masterclass with Misty Lynch

Episode 23

The Master Key to Unlock Your

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The Mastery of Communication. The power of influence

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World Class NLP & Hypnosis Modalities to To Tap into World Class Business Lifestyle

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Tapping into Your Genius Zone

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Strengthening Your Career through Your Zone of Genius with Amie Watson

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Why are many Highly Successful women secretly unhappy

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Meet the Young 20 Year old Life coach.

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A Warrior Hypnotist will step into Terri Messengers Genius Zone.

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Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone with a special guest Rob De Groof

Episode 1

Terri’s Genius Zone

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