The Ancestral Clean up Method: Interview with Janese Recolan

Janese Recolan, is a mother to a son and a cancer survivor. A generational kahuna wisdom keeper. Where she comes from, a lineage of Kahuna’s in Hawaii are known as shamans, priests/priestesses, and healers who have access to ancient wisdom. Janese successful women/mothers activate their ancestral powers & create worry-free life! Today she is an international speaker, being invited on several podcasts, and helps other women to the road of self-mastery and stop searching for external validation, to reclaim their worth. By transforming their ancestral karmic limitations from the past generations Connect to their inner wisdom, to reclaim their power with deep unapologetic confidence. She uses the ancestral clearing modality that she created from her years of clairvoyant training, life experience, and guidance from her ancestors who have come before her. This is the deep legacy work where you can literally change the heritage of your wounds that have come down through your parents and fully express yourself in your body. Learn more about Janese through these links: FaceBook link: https://www.Facebook.com/kahunawisdomkeeper


FaceBook group: Unapologetically YOU https://www.facebook.com/groups/2992596704290660

Instagram: https://Instagram.com/janese_ululani


Create Your New Life with Clarity and Confidence: Interview with Mahara Wayman

This week’s episode our special guest is the amazing Mahara Wayman.

Mahara Wayman (She/Her) is a published author, motivational speaker and certified Mastery Method Coach. She is passionate about helping women create their best life through her writing, an online group program, 1:1 coaching.

She began her journey of discovery on the island of Jamaica. The youngest of 4 children, she pranced in the rain with imaginary friends, ran away from harmless lizards, and decided lollipops were the best way to end a tough day. Her backdrop has changed over the years spent living in England and Japan. Today, she calls Canada home and prefers to end her day with a rich merlot.

She’s proof it’s possible to have a “good” life but still yearn for more. When she left the corporate world, she took control and rewrote her story from the inside out, creating her best badass life. Now she uses her knowledge, voice and powerful techniques to help her clients do the same.

She is currently a board member of Empowering Women Entrepreneurs.

Her debut book, Essential Insights To Living Your Best Life, is available on Amazon.

Visit her Website:


Download her Badass Bible:


Check out her Instagram:



How to Heal Your Life and the Lives of Others with Your Words

This is the induction into the 1st Training of The Magic of Your Words.

“Unlocking the Power of Words: Healing Your Life and Others” – Join us as we explore the incredible impact of language and communication in transforming our lives and the lives of those around us.

In this episode, I share insights on how to use the power of your words to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, regardless of your profession or niche.

Don’t miss out on this empowering discussion that will equip you with the tools to bring positive change to yourself and your loved ones.

If you want to know more about the Royalty Elite Crown container book a Free 30-min discovery call with me through this link: https://calendly.com/meschiro-1/1-1-map-out-your-success


Re-imagine Your Life Interview with Ashley Racca


Ashley Racca is an Empowerment Coach, Psychic Medium, and Breathwork Detox facilitator. Alongside the support she provides to her coaching clients, she is a Lead Design Engineer of Security Systems for a Fortune 40 company. Her colleagues turn to her for advice, and she loves the process of imagining & mapping out new systems for her corporate clients so they can execute the greater plan. She does the same thing for her coaching clients; helping them to re-imagine their lives, map out the actions, and remove distractions from masterful execution. Learn more abour Ashley through these links: https://linktr.ee/ashleyracca Email: racoachingllc@gmail.com

Instagram https://instagram.com/ashleythedivine?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


Business Activation Through The Power of Your Words

I am offering You the magic wand to Your Health, Your Energy, Your Self Worth, Prosperity and the Master Key to unlock Your Inner Genius.Please subscribe to my podcast Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone and get a A ceremony to activate Your business later today Friday 14th April. The week before gives a Healing Meditation and I am inviting you to experieince a whole month to upgrade Your Business, Energy and Your Self Mastery through the power of Your words. Your words really are Your wand! (Sales page is in comments and you will receive 30 days in my container from the moment you enter Voxer and begin the whole next level of Your life!To subscribe to my podcast and receive weekly coaching, training and transmissions click here https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/terris7


The Magic of Your Words becoming Your Wand: Full Moon Purifying ceremony & Activation

Are you ready for a Full Moon Purifying ceremony & activation to release, physical, spiritual, and emotional pain and blockages from Your inner being so you can activate Your highest frequency?When you’re emotionally physically and spiritually set free, you have the potential to rise into your highest energy to compliment the life you desire to create !Come with me on this magical journey and allow yourself to be liberated, uplifted and upgrades through this powerful 5D Activation.

Got Questions?

Book a 30-min Discovery call with me: https://calendly.com/meschiro-1/1-1-map-out-your-success


The Spiritual Millionaire Interview with Maiken Larsen

Maiken Larsen is an International Best-Selling author and a Clairvoyant Millionaire Coach.

She guides femme coaches to scale their million businesses through spiritual leadership.

Her program The Millionist Method is a The Spiritual Coach Education

for you who just know in your gut that you are meant for something big, but haven’t quite found your voice yet.

Those who have a huge passion for helping others lose track of time whenever they dive into self-development.

Get to know more about Maiken through this link www.wrapwoman.dk/insta-links


Your Past is Your Power Interview with Nadia Elmagrabi

Nadia Elmagrabi, MA, is a therapist and an expert in Past Life Regression. She is passionate about helping people actualize their full potential and process undigested grief. She assists her clients in extracting the inner gold from their most challenging and complex experiences. She holds space and intuitively guides her clients as they traverse the depths of their psyches to find what keeps them immobilized in their life.

She uses Past Life Therapy, Human Design, and Quantum Healing, as well as 20+ years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, to expertly guide clients to find the inner gold from the dark night of their soul and bring it into the light so they can rejoice in the fullness of their Being.

Nadia specializes in helping people who thrive in most areas but are challenged by something so deep they can’t grasp it. Usually, it is around a struggle around a primary relationship with a family member, boss, or partner. Nadia guides them to the source of their most pressing concern, where they can process and integrate the undigested grief associated with the difficulty or trauma in their unconscious mind.

Find Nadia:

Email: nadia@nadiaelmagrabi.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/n.elmagrabi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadia_elmagrabi

Website: www.NadiaElmagrabi.com

free past life regression: https://www.groupregressionsession.com/guided-past-life-regression-session


The Magic of Your Words for Your Mastery


You know it’s what you’re here for…

You are called to be a lightworker on this planet to serve your circle of influence and speak magic into the lives of others.

You have the power to change lives through your unique abilities and God-given gift.

You’re here to leave a transformational legacy behind… through who you are and the lives you transform.

Is This You?

You want to Brand Your Brilliance with Your own Signature Program, so you can stand out and be known for what You do​You want to attract Your dream clients, but stuck on the hamster wheel of not enough money or time because Your trying to do it all and not making the headway you deserve. You don’t want to do another program or Certification, because You are ready to accelerate Your gifts, but waiting for that break through You want to be able to show up and feel a magnetic sense of unwavering confidence, so Your magnetic energy will shine, rather than be lost at sea with a million other coaches. You want to be totally aligned and feeling that deep connection with Your service and life and crave the feeling of Certainty, Focus and Fulfillment. You want to Excel Your Business with a Powerful Service that will dial in and speak to Your ideal audience, without having to constantly put it out in the future.

Register for my upcoming Free Webinar on the 29th of March at 8:00 pm Perth time : https://streamyard.com/watch/tzCqPgNrXXRn


Survivor to Thriver Interview with Heather Dunlop

Heather Dunlop knows very well the journey from survivor to thriver, having been molested from age 8 to 12. It was in her early 20s when she began her healing journey. Today, Heather help women who have experienced sexual assault transform from living a life of survival to living a thriving life. A life filled with love, joy, trust and prosperity. A life where her clients no longer feel alone. Heather does this by listening to her client, helping her to see the thoughts that are stopping her from living her desired life, and creating new beliefs based on what she wants her life to be.

Check out these link to connect and learn more about Heather’s programs: https://thrivingwomanlife.com/ https://www.facebook.com/heather.dunlop.750



Life back on track Interview with wayne brown

Wayne Brown is a Life Alignment Specialist. He assists people in discovering, understanding, and removing the conditioning and programming that led them off course so that they can re-align themselves and be congruent with the life that they truly wanted for themselves.

Connect with Wayne Brown through his Facebook Business page at https://www.facebook.com/WayneBrownLifeOnTrack

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnj3Liar6qQNs-tDmD_cMg

Instagram: @life_back_on_track/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wayne-brown-life-on-track/

Podcast: https://podcasts.bcast.fm/life-back-on-track


Creating A Sacred Healing Space Interview with Philippa Storie

Philippa Storie is a Global Intuitive Healer, from the Mother City.

Her purpose and passion is to assist as many beautiful souls on their Healing Journey. She is an intuitive empath and since very young and always knew that she would live a life helping others heal. She truly love working with Mothers to heal their past trauma and limiting beliefs so that we can raise our children in love and not limitation.

She have personally gone through her own healing and awakening and suffered immensely in the process. Suffering is not our natural state and this is why it is so uncomfortable to heal. We are meant to THRIVE but no one teaches us this. It is her dream to co-create a Sacred Healing Space, that would include a multi-dimensional team of beings to assist with every aspect of this divine plan and duplic

Connect with Philippa through her website https://philippastorie.mailchimpsites…

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theglobalintuitivehealer/


Eat with Love Interview with Leanne Venderligt

Leanne Vandeligt is a Health Coach and Personal Trainer for women over 50, for ageing well, fullfilled and confident in their own skin, happy with who they are. Teaching women that healthy can be part of life, to take better care of themselves, finding their spark, reconnect with health in simple holistic ways, for a happy, healthy mind and body. She has been teaching fitness for 35 years, her passion is helping women to live with ease, feel good about themselves. Leanne specialises in fitness therapy, return to exercise safely and womens health for holistic wellness, balancing hormones, healthy menopause, easy weightloss, wiithout diets, not quick fixes.

Connect with Leanne through these links:

calendly link – to book 30min 1:1 a free call, https://calendly.com/leannevandeligt/30min

Website has links to programs –

VIP 60 min session to get started

Unstuck 3 x 60min 1:1 calls sessions

Eat with Love membership

Mojo Bootcamp

Shame to Shimmy (I’m still to finish sales page – could start with 1:1 60Min as on boarding coaching call )

free private facebook group


Email: hello@leannevandeligt.com.au


Instagram https://instagram.com/leanne_vandeligt_pt_over50?igshid=NzAzN2Q1NTE=

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The Art of Open Relationship Communication Interview with Lisa Melendy

Lisa is a relationship and communication coach who has experience in a wide array of relationship styles and highly successful mentorships. She is on a mission to guide 1,000,000 people to the relationship style that makes their heart sing and to communicate with crystal clarity about their needs and desires in all aspects of life. She works with singles, couples and groups to untangle miscommunication and help everyone find peace, joy and fulfillment.

Check our Lisa’s Instagram page to connect with her https://instagram.com/livingpolyamorously?igshid=MDM4ZDc5MmU=

or click this link https://EverydayHealthandWellness.as.me/curiositycall to book a call with her

Website: https://www.everydayhealthandwellness.org


Creating Habits for High Success to Avoid Burnout Interview with Melisa Sarneki

“Melisa Kay knows what it’s like to have that high flying passionate and driven spirit where equilibrium is essential for the busy person who wants to maintain that workflow and family life harmony. She fell into the trap of burnout as she transitioned from Social work into the online space, and like many people, she did not see it coming. Even with her Master’s in Social Work and Bachelor in Psychology, burnout can get the best of us, and in this podcast, she describes the easiest, most doable, and fun way to maintain that equilibrium without it the time constraints and commitments. If you are looking for a daily answer to keeping Yourself in harmony with the best energy You are going to love this week’s session”

Melisa is a growth mindset coach teaching you how to build sustainable self care habits so you can be your most productive and balanced self!

@melisakay.coach on Instagram and TikTok



Find Joy In Parenting Interview with Alida Thommen

Introducing Alida Thommen a Conscious Parenting Coach who speaks on how she locked herself and her baby daughter in a room, whilst her toddler was on the other side of the door. This was the turning point where she knew she had to do some work on herself. That is where the Motherhood Reset Program was born. You will get to hear the incredible Transformative work you can do in your life as a parent that will have a ripple effect that allows you to be the legacy leader of Your generation that can stop the patterns of the past and begin living the most fulfilling, authentic and blessed life! Enjoy!

Connect with Alida though her Instagram account https://instagram.com/now.is_you?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= @now.is_you or visit Linktree https://linktr.ee/now.is_you


The Sensitive Soul Awakening Interview with Ester Ciurana

Ester Ciurana was an entrepreneur in the online marketing space for 5 years when she had a strong spiritual awakening that opened her before closed heart and her intuitive gifts, healing deeper layers of her social anxiety. She then started receiving clients to read their birth charts, her lifelong passion. Ester trained with the creator of a special modality of intuitive astrology to read your unconscious memory, went through many dark nights of the soul and now helps empaths, highly sensitive and soulpreneurs with her own method to find their unique DNA awakening path from their shadow to their Star Consciousness and share their divine service to the New Earth so they can go from hiding to shining and materialize all their soul highest dreams.

Website: https://awakeningwiththestars.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@awakeningwiththestars

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/esterciurana

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/esterciurana

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ester.ciurana



Terri Messenger’s Special DNA Activation

This special podcast episode in packed with gold nuggets. Listen to this episode you’re going to experience one of our World-Class program, the DNA Activation.

Discover your Iconic Superpower is when you are ready to find Your voice, activate your confidence and ignite your passion for life, this seminar will totally revolutionize Your life!


Redefine SUCCESS to become truly UNSTOPPABLE Interview with Vanessa Proirier

Vanessa is a Mindset & Emotional Mastery Coach. She is a former HR professional turned personal & professional development coach. She had worked in corporate HR and Finance for about 15 years. Her goal is to help burnt out high achieving mothers + women reclaim + redefine SUCCESS to become truly UNSTOPPABLE. She has a heart to mind approach helping mother’s + women source their innate wisdom from within through coaching and meditation. You can find her on Instagram as https://www.instagram.com/hello.coach.vanessa/ or LinkedIn under https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessapoirier/


Building Your Empire Through Your Iconic Superpower

Imagine having the health, energy, self love, self worth, the success and the legacy of being Your most powerful self. Enjoy this meditation and please ensure you are somewhere quiet and safe so you can relax for a while.


7 Upgrades to Massive Success

I want to share the 7 Upgrades to Massive Success so you can become an Icon in Your Field

visit www.terrimessenger.com to learn more


Become the energetic Match for the Super You of 2023

This is the Master key to unlocking your future happiness and activating the frequency, the code for being in a state of OVERFLOW to tap into your ICONIC SUPERPOWER!!!


Reclaim Your Authentic Power Interview with Carolina Tiveron

Carolina is a Self-Reclamation Coach providing intuitive guidance for women who desire to reclaim their authentic power & feel liberated to create their reality. She has walked through the fire gone through her divorce and then a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 26. Carolina has risen as a Fenix from the ashes and is passionate to activate healing and transformation in a holistic and unique way (merging her wisdom as a Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, NLP practitioner, Chakradance facilitator & most importantly her own lived experiences). Her self-discovery and self-reclamation journeys have equipped Carolina to be an expert in alchemizing pain into purpose as a compassionate coach and spiritual teacher. She can see the unseen and guide women back to their hearts & most aligned unapologetically selves. Carolina is all about nature, connection and expression. She is here on a soul mission to inspire and empower women to reclaim their fullspectrum radiance.

Instagram: @theradiantripple https://www.instagram.com/theradiantripple/

Facebook: The Radiant Ripple https://www.facebook.com/theradiantripple

Free Facebook group for women: The Radiant Woman Society https://www.facebook.com/groups/theradiantwomensociety


Getting Clear on the Power of Your Iconic Superpower

In this powerful episode, we shared the bio hacks to move from sabotage to success. I also give you some easy tips of how to change Your emotions on the spot wherever you are!!!!

visit www.terrimessenger.com for more episodes


How To Become A Multidimensional Being

In this episode, I talked about becoming a multidimensional being and tapping into your superpower through NLP and Hypnosis.

visit my website www.terrimessenger.com to discover more about The Master Key

Follow my Instagram @terri_messenger


Lead with Love Interview with Bethany Ann

Bethany Ann is a Love & Relationship Coach and Human Design Guide. She plays the roles of: teacher, mentor, lover, mother, intuitive: one who brings forth healing and transformation. Having been on her own spiritual journey for the past 5 years, Bethany understands what it takes to move from a place of fear and lack into a place of love and light. With over 10 years in the medical field, Bethany decided to take her love of serving and helping others into a different space. Coaching was a natural fit for her, as her friends and family constantly turned to her for advice. You can often find her with her nose in a book, outside in nature or spending time with her family.

FREE FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/findyoursoulmate22

IG: https://www.instagram.com/bethanyanncoach/

free download: 5 secrets to manifest your soulmate: https://www.bethanyannmedia.com/leadwithlove22


Discover How To Tap Into Your Wildest Success

This Free Live Training and find out how You can work with me and have World Class Coaching from an accredited Hypnotherapist, Stage NLP Trainer and learn about how to be the Icon in Your Field and upgrade Your life with the Bio Hacking Modalities that will shift the upper ceiling and break through into limitless success.

Learn the strategies of knowing Your Zone of Genius.

Harness the Power of Unstoppable Energy.

And tap into Your billion-dollar health & energy with ease, flow and grace.

Come and find out how to set Yourself up to becoming a multi-dimensional successful Icon and how to tap into Your Superpower at lightning speed!

visit www.terrimessenger.com to discover more


Redefining The Concept of Wellness with Afsheen Shah

Afsheen is a Mindset Mentor & Master Soul Coach.

She help high achieving women optimize their mindset so they can thrive in their personal and professional lives. She has BUILT A COMMUNITY OF WOMEN WHO KEPT ME GROUNDED AND MOVED ME FORWARD WHEN I FELT BLOCKED OR STUCK.

visit www.afsheenshah.com to learn more about Afsheen’s coaching container,

Instagram @afsheenshah


Rewire and Refire Your Prosperity

Listen and Learn the way to true prosperity, where you can align it with Your soul purpose this week in our Free Master class and discover the following

Learning why prosperity of money is the missing link

The real key to Manifestoing Your Desires

Clearing blocks and old stories and recoding the way to prosperity

The key to integration and resting and recalibrating to reach Your highest frequency

Discovering pre-eminence to Your Superpower

Why Rewiring your unconscious and energetic system required to be done by a highly competent coach?

Why is Anchoring your future into NOW the missing piece that so many people forget?

Why do you require specific transmissions and activations to support your success?

And much, much more…


The Science Prosperity Codes

Why Rapid Trauma Release will be unblocking your flow of money?

Book a call with me, let’s map out your success: https://elitecrownmasterkey.as.me/exclusive-one-on-one-map-out-your-success


Prosperity Codes-Soul Purpose and Prosperity Alignment

Listen and Learn the way to true prosperity, where you can align it with Your soul purpose this week in our Free Master class and discover the following

Learning why prosperity of money is the missing link

The real key to Manifestoing Your Desires

Clearing blocks and old stories and recoding the way to prosperity

The key to integration and resting and recalibrating to reach Your highest frequency

Discovering pre-eminence to Your Superpower

Why Rewiring your unconscious and energetic system required to be done by a highly competent coach?

Why is Anchoring your future into NOW the missing piece that so many people forget?

Why do you require specific transmissions and activations to support your success?

And much, much more…


Build the Life of Your Dreams Interview with Jennifer Altieri

As a Gratitude Coach, Certified and Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified life coach, motivational coach, social & emotional intelligence coach, Certified Assertiveness Coach and veterinarian certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist, these are some of the tools Jen uses when working with clients!

Her goal is to help you find your passion and use your strengths to make all your relationships more full of joy and gratitude.






Shine Your Light In Midlife: Interview with Jaana Pusa

Jaana Pusa is an Alignment Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Energy, Reiki & Theta Healer, and EFT Practitioner. 

She helps women who feel lost in their mid-life, feel unworthy and disconnected from themselves, or even feel shame and empty to find the clarity, confidence, and courage to set their goals and go after their dreams. Start taking better care of yourself, valuing yourself, and putting yourself as no 1. Person in your life. You  are the queen of your life!

visit https://jaana-pusa.mykajabi.com/ to know more about Jaana’s services.


Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom Interview with Leashia Arrowsmith

Leashia is a trauma informed motherhood coach and emotional wellness expert

She is passionate about helping mums who feel overwhelmed by the unseen mental and emotional load of motherhood – regulate their nervous systems and heal from the inside out – so that they can feel less triggered, more energised and deeply connected to their loved ones.

Link to podcast and website


Facebook www.facebook.com/leashiaarrowsmith

Instagram- www.instagram.com/leashiaarrowsmith


Prosperity Codes

The master key, to unlock Your Prosperity, through the codes of frequency, harmony, and simplicity and rewire Your Spiritual blueprint to abundance, manifesting money from all directions through Your self-worth, with self-belief as Your platform to rise into riches.

Visit www.terrimessenger.com for more powerful podcast episodes.


Unleash Your Wild Woman + Get Paid Your Worth: Interview with Jessica Zalums

Jessica is an online income mentor, personal branding coach, former PR account director, podcaster and mum of two young boys. She is fiercely passionate about empowering women to unleash their voice, feel worthy of being seen and heard and to be paid your worth. She leads a movement of over 200 women called The Wildly Empowered Collective who are all creating online brands and businesses aligned to their values and genius zones.   Check out more about Jessica here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfsHcx… And my milkshake: https://msha.ke/jessicalzalums


Harnessing Your Billion Dollar Energy​

Harnessing Your Billion Dollar Energy For Epic Success is a Number 1 Key for You to show up with Confidence, Conviction ,and Mission and Vision!

If you can recall 3 specific memories – Lets show you how to stack them and turn them into Your Billion Dollar Energy

1) Recall a time of Love and Connection

2) Recall a time of importance and significance

3) Recall a time of Confidence and Certainty

4) Recall a time of Fun, Adventure and Variety

Join The Master Key Quest: https://terrimessenger8.clickfunnels.com/the-master-key-to-health


Your Genius Zone: Interview with Rosie Nelson​

Rosie is a Hypnotherapist and healer from Devon, England.

Host of FRIDAYS @ ROSIE’S,the worlds 1st fun, live,interactive chat show for therapists & healers.

Check out Rosie’s Instagram page to connect with her @rosienelson16


Calm My Ego: Interview with Caitlyn Pence

Caity Pence is a Health/Life Coach whose goal is to help you notice which areas you’d like to see improvement on. If it’s spirituality, relationships, physical activity, home environment or even bring some joy back into your life. She wants to help guide and support you on your journey to finding a balanced happy life, by suggesting different tips to make life a bit more simple.

Learn more about Caitlyn through her website: www.calmmyego.com or visit her Instagram @caitycain_p


Awakening Your Inner Genius​

What are you struggling with?

Master Key 4 Awaken Your Inner Genius. Aligning with your Soul Purpose and Genius Zone as to what will light up your life and your world.

The 5 Master Keys is an evolution of 16 Years of Practice that birthed itself after serving thousands of people and recognising what happened in a persons life when they bio hacked through the years of red tape to break the upper limit.


Heal Within: Interview with Liza Boubari​

Liza is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her journey in the field of hypnotherapy and alternative healing began when she was overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure and stress. Because she was not in tune with her body, she had not yet realized the impact it was having on her mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It is now over 20 years that Liza has been dedicated to working with people who are ready to make changes in their lives.

To learn more and connect with Liza visit her website:

www.LizaBoubari.com or www.healwithin.com

https://facebook.com/boubari https://www.linkedin.com/in/healwithin/

https://www.instagram.com/lizaboubari/ https://twitter.com/LizaBoubari


Attracting Your Dream Client: Interview with Sarah Gachugi​

Sarah is a Lead Generation Expert and Digital Strategist who made her 1st Million after attending one of my Livestream as a virtual concierge for the event.

She help entrepreneurs come up with a great Launching Strategy for their programs and Optimize their marketing.

In this episode we discussed the challenges of being a Lead Generation Specialist and how to attract your dream client.

Connect with Sarah and learn more about her services through these links:


Instagram: @digital_marketing.agency

FB: Sarah-Virtual Booth


Fully Embrace Your Divine Power: Interview with Jennifer Lonnberg​

Jennifer Lonnberg, Author, Speaker and Spiritual Life & Business Coach.

Jennifer helps women truly understand the beauty of their spiritual gifts and authentic selves, without living in fear of judgment from others.

Jennifer is a Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Herb Specialist, LOA Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor; and Psychic. Find out more at her website www.jenniferlonnberg.com

FB pages


Free FB Group:


Insta link


Linked In




The Mastery of Advance Meditation (Super Moon Meditation)​

The Mastery of Advance Meditation focuses on a Millionaire Mindset and aligned energy to call in the right clients, with a powerful hack to achieve this.

If you want to launch an iconic brand and draw the right clients with specialized advanced meditation, this podcast is for you.

This will propel your business swiftly, but only if you enjoy the energy and alignment of this meditation.

Join The Mastery of Advance Meditation, It is a 5-week immersion into your millionaire mindset program where you learn the world-class formula to meditate and manifest to launch your legacy!


Heal Holistically: Interview with Michalla Bohon​

Michalla Bohon is a Humanistic and Existential Registered Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern, Expressive Arts Therapy Intern, Certified Life Purpose Coach, & Past Life Regression Coach, Meditation Practitioner, Energy Healer, and HeartMath Therapist located in sunny Florida.

Her program The Healings Arts offers a journey of mind, body, and spirit. It provides a holistic and balanced approach where you can immerse yourself to discover the authentic core of your being, connect to your inner wisdom, and create the life you really want. I focus on the root, below the foundation, in order to help you rebuild the life of your dreams in a safe, nurturing, collaborative, and confidential space.

Get to know more about Michalla, visit her website thehealingarts.life , FB page https://www.facebook.com/ahome4art and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/michalla.brianna


Unleash the Goddess to attract your Desired Soulmate: Interview with Giada Tramonti​

Giada is the CEO and founder of Goddess Elements.

Giada Tramonti works internationally as an Intuitive Energy healer, Love & Relationship Coach, and a Belly Dancer.

She is passionate about empowering successful women from staying stuck and unfulfilled in their relationships and unsuccessful dating patterns to becoming confident, irresistible, magic, sensual High Valuable Queen.

She has also helped women to release emotional imbalance and blocks, anxiety and fears so that they could finally live their life on a soul led level.

Connect with Giada through these links: https://www.goddesselements.com/

Instagram: @giada_tramonti


Create Lasting Change In Your Career or Business and Life: Interview with Pamella Pritchard​

Pamella is here to help you ditch the self-doubt, transform the negative self-talk, and get clear on what you want and how you will get there.

Whether that’s figuring out what to do with your career, starting or growing your business or you just want high-touch, transformative 1:1 support to up-level your life spiritually, emotionally and energetically, then you’re in the right place.

Coaching with Pamella provides the accountability, support & transformation you need to get you towards your life, career, or business goals, faster and easier.

To know more about Pamella’s services visit her website https://www.coachingwithpamella.com/ or her social media accounts

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CoachingwithPamella

Instagram @coachingwithpamella


Begin Your Business with Confidence: Interview with Darla D’Acunto​

Darla focused on helping new and aspiring female entrepreneurs develop the mindset and business skills they need to effectively step into their role as CEO to begin their business with confidence and set themselves up for success!

Connect with Darla through these links: www.uniquelyeverafter.com

Facebook page: Uniquely Ever After

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Transform Your Life with The Power of Your Soul: Interview with Amber Maier​

Amber Maier is a Soul Alignment Coach, Healer, Teacher Amber is passionate about helping you discover your soul purpose and passion, awaken your special gifts, and finally, say goodbye to all the things that keep you stuck so you can achieve your wildest dreams!

Amber is a channel of the Akashic Records, Angels, souls, star beings and other spiritual guides to get you the guidance and healing you need.

She is identified as a healer and bring that to all her work. Her readings are healings.

To learn more about Amber visit these links:

Website: Amber Maier

Facebook business page: (1) Amber Maier, Soul Alignment Coach | Facebook

Facebook private group:(1) Awakened & Aligned Community with Amber Maier | Facebook

Instagram handle: @soulcoach.ambermaier


Walking The Path of Healing: Interview with Jane Lyon​

Jane is a Healer, Guide, and Coach. She helps people find freedom by liberating them from anxiety through powerful meditations.

SANCTUARY is her signature 12-week spiritual development program that brings someone from suffering in the dark to shining brightly for all to see. Not only do her Sanctuary grads learn to fall deeply in love with themselves and their lives, they leave this program ready to go share their gifts with the world. With Jane’s guidance, you will uncover your true purpose and help you come into full alignment so that you can go after it!

Explore the wisdom of the chakra centers, master meditation, practice energy work and explore your Akashic Records.

To learn more about Jane, visit her Instagram account through this link: https://www.instagram.com/janeof801/



Jen has a true passion for all things wellness and herbal. As a Clarity Coach and the founder of Birds and Bees Teas. She is committed to helping you care for yourself and your families in a natural, healthy way.  

Jen is passionate about mindset, plant medicine, health, ethically run, sustainable businesses, and caring compassionately for her clients.   She works daily to build businesses that strengthen communities and empower people to make informed, intentional choices about their health & life.

Visit http://BirdsAndBeesTeas.com/ to learn more about Jennifer Roth


Why Your Frequency, Strategy and Energy are the 3 Master Keys to Your Epic Success​

Jane is a Healer, Guide, and Coach. She helps people find freedom by liberating them from anxiety through powerful meditations.

SANCTUARY is her signature 12-week spiritual development program that brings someone from suffering in the dark to shining brightly for all to see. Not only do her Sanctuary grads learn to fall deeply in love with themselves and their lives, they leave this program ready to go share their gifts with the world. With Jane’s guidance, you will uncover your true purpose and help you come into full alignment so that you can go after it!

Explore the wisdom of the chakra centers, master meditation, practice energy work and explore your Akashic Records.

To learn more about Jane, visit her Instagram account through this link: https://www.instagram.com/janeof801/


Healing Your Mother Wounds and Become Abundant​

This is a Mother’s Day Special episode, with special bonus teaching of Sacred Sales.


A Guide To Your New Career Path: Interview with Jessica Rojas​

Jessica Rojas, Franco-Venezuelan coach, speaker and trainer, specialized in talent development and professional transformation.

My heart is in personal development.

It is something that has interested her since she was very young and found a way to make it her career. Jessica is dedicated to empowering individuals around their authenticity and talents, developing professional projects aligned with the personal values and preponderant competencies of each individual.

Click this link find all the useful links to her networks: https://beacons.ai/jessicarojasliscano or visit her Instagram account @jessicarojasliscano


Becoming The Feminine CEO: Interview with Claire Burt ​

Claire promote and support women to stand in their light and rise with determination, not settling for anything less than they are worth.

I am here to show you that, with all our fears, doubts and imperfections, a life of freedom is possible.

​At Inspired Lifestyles, she help you to forge a deeper understanding of self compassion, so that you lose your fear of judgement, perfectionism, so you can enjoy a more present life.

Visit http://www.myinspiredlifestyleproject.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/myinspiredlifestyleproject or Instagram @claireburt to learn more about her latest program Activate Your Feminine CEO


Magnetizing Your Soul-Aligned Relationship: Interview with Maria De Cinque​

Maria De Cinque is a sovereign gifted teacher, energy healer, leadership trainer, and spiritual soul coach.

Her greatest gift is to serve you by helping you shift out of false limiting beliefs and reclaim your true worth.

Maria helped around 350 thousand clients connect to their inner soul wisdom, develop their intuitive gifts, and be able to step fully and authentically into their soul mate relationships!

To learn more about Maria and her programs visit her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/soulgraduateacademy or her Instagram account @soulgraduateacademy


Living Your Confident and Successful Career: Interview with Narinder Riyat​

Narinder is a qualified MBA, NLP Coach, EFT, Timeline and Theta Healing Therapist.

Nari a passion for helping people and creating transformational changes in their lives. She is focused on helping clients to achieve their goals, in personal and professional areas of their life. For her it’s very important to get a client to the base thought pattern of self-belief and self-love which is the foundation of all things manifestation into a new reality.

To learn more about Narinder and her coaching services visit her Instagram @skyhigh_empowerment_coach , https://www.instagram.com/skyhigh_empowerment_coach/ or checkout Linktree in her IG bio https://linktr.ee/NariKaur


Turning Clarity Into Prosperity: Interview with Veronica Broomes​

Veronica Broomes is a Business Growth Coach and Sustainability Consultant. She helps Owners and Founders of service-based businesses in many countries to accelerate growth and boost profits with ease.

As a Business Coach who qualified 12 years ago, she has developed a niche in helping business founders with their pricing, planning, and growth. In 2021, Veronica drew on her experience of working with hundreds of business owners to create a 4-step system to help ‘growth ready’ entrepreneurs achieve growth with ease. This means they can leave behind their struggle to find the ‘RIGHT SYSTEM’ and be helped with planning, boost productivity, avoid costly pricing mistakes and multiply their profits.

Through working with her at Your Small Business Coach, you will feel empowered to bid goodbye to a piecemeal and fragmented approach to how your business works, benefit from reclaiming time for YOU, avoid costly mistakes, generate profits consistently, and deliver enormous value to clients or customers.

On social media, you can connect with Veronica on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook:




Purpose-Driven Leadership: Interview with Nadine Saad​

Nadine combines intuitive coaching with deeper personal development tools, including Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and shadow work, to help clients dig deep into what drives them on a subconscious level and fully connect with what matters to the life and impact they want to create.

Her new coaching programme, Untethered Leadership, is designed to help conscious leaders fully connect with their purpose, crystallise their vision of the leadership they want to embody, and break through any patterns that don’t serve their higher potential.

She has launched a new 1:1 programme for conscious, purpose-driven leadership in the coming weeks. This is a powerful space for leaders to reconnect with their truth, break through old patterns and develop crystal clear vision. Click on the this link to learn more: https://www.nadine-saad.com/untethered-leadership

If you’re interested in learning more, connect with Nadine on instagram @nadine_saad_coaching or keep an eye on her website www.nadine-saad.com for updates.


Reconnect With Your Body, Soul, and Inner Power: Interview with Beth Manning​

Beth Manning is a Master Psychic Healer and Medical Intuitive who helps healers, practitioners, and bodyworkers heal and teaches them how to powerfully integrate energy work into their practices. As a soul and body healer, she helps clients reconnect to their body, soul, and inner power so they can heal fully and live their best life.

This episode talks about how Beth uses her Psychic abilities to heal body and soul and be able to reconnect with one’s body.

To know more about Beth Manning and her energy healing, visit her social media accounts and webpage through these links.

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/empoweredenergyhealers

IG: @bethmanningintuitive

Business Page: facebook.com/bethmanningintuitive

website: www.bethmanningintuitive.com


Discover How To Manifest Your Soul Aligned Relationship: Interview with Sonia Koroleva ​

Sonia helps high-achieving single women find their ideal partner effortlessly, without dating app burnout or changing who they are.

After going through her own struggles with dating, she stumbled by chance on the powerful tools of NLP, manifestation, shadow work, human design, and inner child healing. Within one month of diving in, she called in her ideal partner and entered into a beautiful relationship!

Now, Sonia helps other women do the same and find the relationship they deserve!

To learn more about Sonia Koroleva and her services, connect with her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/korsonia or on Instagram @soniakoroleva.co


Live Session with Lenny Heller ​

Leny is a mindset coach for mums helping them find life balance and feel confident in their parenting.

She is a mother of 2 boys, one with autism, and has been burned out after putting everyone else’s needs before her own.

Now, Leny wants to help other mums learn how to prioritize themselves without taking time away from their kids and bridge the gap of not getting down the rabbit hole. By learning them how to find THEIR way of parenting, finding out who their authentic identity is will make them more confident standing up for themselves and their family.

Learn more about Leny Heller and her coaching container by simply going to

https://lenyheller.com/ or visit her Facebook page Wholehearted Being


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