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The Master Key Coaching System

The most comprehensive advanced Coaching system to Transform, Train, and impart world class Modalities


You know it’s what you’re here for…

You are called to be a lightworker on this planet to serve your circle of influence and speak magic into the lives of others. You have the power to change lives through your unique abilities and God-given gift. You’re here to leave a transformational legacy behind… through who you are and the lives you transform.

You will learn the magic of words and the most powerful modality to bio hack the subconscious mind, to give You the Superpower in Your field.

Complete 12 month Support to becoming a World Class Coach

Is this you?

  • You want to Brand Your Brilliance with Your own Signature Program, so you can stand out and be known for what You do
  • You want to attract Your dream clients, but stuck on the hamster wheel of not enough money or time because Your trying to do it all and not making the headway you deserve.
  • You don’t want to do another program or Certification, because You are ready to accelerate Your gifts, but waiting for that break through
  • You want to be able to show up and feel a magnetic sense of unwavering confidence, so Your magnetic energy will shine, rather than be lost at sea with a million other coaches.
  • You want to be totally aligned and feeling that deep connection with Your service and life and crave the feeling of Certainty, Focus and Fulfillment.
  • You want to Excel Your Business with a Powerful Service that will dial in and speak to Your ideal audience, without having to constantly put it out in the future.

Claim Your Empowerment Now!

The Master Key will unlock your success with a system that is formulated to give your dream client the magic life they desire through wealth, health, relationships, and tapping into their God given purpose!

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Yes, Your Words Will Become Your Wand!

The Magic and Magnetism of Your own Bespoke Program utilizing Meditation, Powerful Communication, NLP & Hypnosis with a Specific System Designed for Your World Class Business is here for You NOW!

  • This is your time to Amplify your talents and show up with Your World Class Brand of Brilliance.
  • This will raise your energy as you finally align with your Legacy Service with your blueprint that embodies your mission, vision and leadership.
  • This will give you the laser focus you desire as certainty of what you do evolves in your life and to serve with the point of difference.
  • The crystal-clear clarity of your calling will ignite your success and attract clients that have been praying for your service.
  • The new language of speaking words from the heavens will give you the power to create health, wealth, success, and freedom and speak it into the world.
  • You have wondered when the manifestation was coming and you do not need to wait another year, or 5 or more to break through the ceiling and lift the lid off your goldmine.
  • Yes, Yes, Yes it time to reclaim your birthright to speak into the lives of others with courage, confidence, and conviction.

What if you could?

  • Discover how to find gold nuggets in everyone you speak to that will dissolve their problems through your words.
  • Harness your confidence and bring out the best in others as a world-class speaker, teacher, counselor, or influence through the power of words.
  • Unlock your limitless potential by becoming a master asker of the right questions.
  • Find your aligned purpose, speak your truth and claim your power and help others to find their own through digging for gold and cracking the jackpot.
  • Learn the Art of Sacred Sales and Magnetic Marketing
  • Create transformation in others through your conviction with authentic power to bring your message to life.
  • Have the sleight of mouth to move a person from the depths of despair to a place of freedom without getting stuck in their story.
  • Your words will be the golden healing elixir of crafted prayers that will bring new life to the earth.
  • You will have the magic to draw the God-given gift of others to help them to know their Genius Zone

The World Needs to Hear Your Message

Claim your power to speak your truth with a spiritual love language from the heavens and have the courage to own your voice.

Break through the ceiling of limitation and build a rock-solid Program that will proclaim your gift to the world.

Stop blending in with the world and own Your right to the abundance you deserve!

Hi, I’m Terri

I am a World-Class Trainer, Coach, and Success Activator. I have been training and certifying coaches in NLP for over 15 years. And I have cultivated the most exciting modalities that will fast-track you to where you want to go.

In these long years of experience, I noticed that many talented coaches and leaders fail in their industry because they are modelling other people’s templates and holding their full potential in lock down.

My Genius Zone is in the phenomenal power of helping You to access that part of Your infinite intelligence. It comes through my art of tapping into the Subconscious and helping You unleash your authentic full expression to be liberated from strongholds blocking Your success.

About me

Learn Advanced NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, Breathwork and design it to Your Field

This includes:

  • Powerful Communication, Energetics, Time Line Therapy, DNA Healing & Re-coding, Breaking Old Habits, and Rapid Trauma & Stress Release
  • Learning how to harness Supernatural Power and have raving fans that will love You for Your expertise in creating peak states.
  • Learning the art of Sacred Sales, Magnetic Marketing to brand your brilliance and launch your legacy as an icon in your field

Self-paced full outline of world-class modalities such as fast phobia cure, energetic healing, meditations, break free addiction modalities, timeline therapy including:

  • Advanced Mastery of NLP & Hypnosis – worth $3,700
  • Healing & Coaching – worth $970
  • Stage Presentation – worth $3,700
  • Hypnotic Words to Heal – worth $2,700
  • Conversational Therapy (CBT) – worth $1,500

The Magic Of Your Words


A high impact virtual Do-It-Yourself program which combines the power of NLP, hypnosis, meditation techniques to make you iconic in your field.

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What’s inside the course…

Master Key 1

Quantum Shift in Energy for Multi-Million-Dollar Transformation

Harness the power to recalibrate your life, mastering the art of rewiring for optimal body, health, and radiance. Anchor a robust constitution of well-being through this transformative journey.

Master Key 2

Revolutionizing Relationships - Unleash Magnetic Leadership

Embark on a transformative journey to become a magnetic and influential leader, attracting soul-aligned clients, friends, peers, and your life partner. Initiate a powerful change in your personal history through this timeline therapy master key, fostering transformation in multiple facets of your life and unlocking the empowered leader within.

Master Key 3

Spiritual Wealth Codes - Unlocking Prosperity Through Self-Transformation

Discover the Master Key to unlocking prosperity by cultivating self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence. Rewire your blueprint to claim the boundless abundance that comes from imprinting your self-empowered right to health, wealth, success, and freedom.

Master Key 4

Awakening Your Genius - Comprehensive Upgrade for Infinite Power

Unlock the Master Key that unleashes your infinite power, offering a comprehensive upgrade by clearing the past, creating the future, and unveiling the unique blueprint for living out your life mission. Attain mastery in business, leadership, and life to foster exponential growth in yourself and those under your influence.

Master Key 5

Legacy Life - Crafting a Lasting Impact

Hold the Master Key in your hands to become the legacy that creates change across generations. Activate a new life of health, wealth, success, and freedom within your family line and sphere of influence. Embrace your role as a leader living out your legacy life.


  • Day 1: Alchemize the Hidden Wounds of Relationships and Step into Your Power!
  • Day 2: Energetic Clearing of Self Sabotaging Patterns
  • Day 3: Activating Your Magic Mantra Miracle of Money and Your Personal Power
  • Day 4: The Superhero in You
  • Day 5: Physical Health and Body Transformationnal Therapy (CBT) – worth $1,500
  • Day 6: Sculpturing Your Self Mastery
  • Day 7: Integrating and rewiring The Super You
  • Day 8: A Journey into the Future to Meet Your Highest Self – You
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  • Blissful healing of the heart, soul and emotions – Meditation
  • Live Workshop Powerpoint
  • Workshop Training 1: Recoding and Decoding Your Mind
  • Workshop Training 2: Recoding Time Line
  • Workshop Training 3: Healing Deep Karmic Wounds
  • Workshop Training 4: Revolutionizing Someone’s Life in Under 39 minutes (Fast Phobia Cure)
  • Workshop Training 5: The Magic of Your Communication
  • Workshop Training 6: Last Workshop for August Elite Coaching Master Key
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  • Technique One: Setting up your first session
  • Technique Two: Harnessing Your Superhuman Power
  • Technique Three: The Meta Model
  • Technique Four: Speed Coaching
  • Technique Five: Parts Integration
  • Technique Six: Introduction to Hypnosis (A.B.S.U.R.D)
  • Technique Seven: Introduction to Conversational NLP
  • Technique Eight: Setting up & acknowledging the structure of time
  • Technique Nine: Changing Personal History
  • Technique Ten: The Forgiveness Process to Unconditional Love
  • Technique Eleven: Rapid Trauma Stress Release (aka Fast Phobia Cure)
  • Technique Twelve: Dissolving Decades of Being Stuck

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is this going to take?

You can become Certified at Your pace in as little as 56 hours in the immersion training and choose to join our Masterclasses to give You the Hot Seat of Designing Your World Class Program.

Masterclasses are running all year so You choose when and how many you do over a period of 6 months. We honour Your time, and so therefore our classes are a deep dive and give each member 1 on 1 time in a 90 minute Power Session so you are in full control of your time and progress.

I’m not sure If this is the right level for me?

We have highly affluent coaches joining and complete newbies. We teach at a high level, however no one is left behind or feeling above their class as this is an Elite in depth Mastery of World Class Modalities.

If I have already been Certified In NLP or other similar modalities will this be right for me?

The teaching You receive is set apart by the collection of Highly Acclaimed Processes and one of the biggest reason experienced Coaches on board is to design a world class program for themself.

Most Programs Certify in a traditional way but do not show You how to create a full signature program that is bespoke to Your industry.

What if I miss any classes?

We have you covered, TIME is of the essence and we cater for people that want the full immersion and access to all the Traditional Modalities, however the classes are flexible and are optional how many you attend.

Can I defer if for some reason I cannot make many live Masterclasses?

We are always open to those who communicate with us. Whilst payment plans cannot be deferred, we will certainly hold space for you if you have missed classes that you want to attend live. The replay is available however of course the live classes give powerful individualized attention.

Will I receive a Certification at the end of the training?

We do uphold a high level to our name, so You will be required to have self paced yourself through all the trainings and accumulated 56 hours with self pace and live training inclusive and a Certificate will be issued.

What if I do not want a Certificate can I do this for myself?

Most people doing this program are serious about Personal Excellence and growth and want to gain influence in the world, at some level, however not everyone does this for a Certification, most do so for self empowerment.

I’m not sure I can afford this…


I know it may sound like a huge investment, but you deserve and need to make your transformation fast, easy and joyful! As mentioned above, I also have a 3-easy payment plan of $270. If there is anything worth investing in, it is investing in yourself.

Still have hesitations?

I know it can feel like a big step to jump into a coaching program if you don’t know if you actually will get the results. If you feel uncertain, let’s jump on a free call and let’s figure out if this is for you.

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