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The Master Key

Spiritual Prosperity Codes

A 3 week Immersion of Laser Speed Coaching To unlock Your Prosperity, through Your right to the most rewarding riches where Passion meets Purpose and liberates you from Your money blocks, so You can claim the vibrance of spiritual prosperity!
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Terri Messenger personal transformation queen

Spiritual Prosperity Codes is all about Billion Dollar Energy

It is your right to be emotionally, spiritually, and financially free, but when there are deep-rooted beliefs, keeping you stuck in that energy of lack, you may find money slipping through your fingers, or worse, being so elusive, it almost seems as if there must be some miracle. If you are ready to meet with a new flow of money, where it becomes like the air You breath, developing a spiritual intimacy of the codes of self love, self discipline, self confidence, self value. Once you heal from your poverty trauma blueprint, this will be transmuted into prosperity, and uprise like a tree of life.

Your passion will become the fire that fans into flames Your Mission, Vision, and Conviction.

When You know the WHY behind Your mission you will become a lighthouse on this earth, for those to recognize Your power.

What you will get in this container?

  • Instant Access to a Lifetime library of Powerful Bio-Hacking Modalities
  • 2 Powerful Live Master Class Sessions with hot seat coaching and world-class coaching
  • Daily support Transmissions for the month, integrating Your upgrades and ensuring you are getting maximum results, in Your time, daily in Voxer.
  • A Workbook with a guide to your step-by-step Spiritual Prosperity Re-coding
  • eBook jam-packed with Scripts, Affirmations, Mantras, and Decrees
  • Plus a Yummy Surprise Bonus valued at over $970

What sets this program apart from any other program offered?

As a Founder in my industry, nominated as World Class Hypnotherapist and NLP Transformation Queen and Trainer, I was listed among 50 in the world and featured in a US Coaches Magazine in 2022, named as a Top Leader in the industry!

Let’s Quantum Leap You to the Next Level and Rise within 3 weeks, where we will lasesr focus on giving You the massive results proven through thousands of my clients who have risen into their Zone of Genius after stepping into this Mastery Method of Advanced Hypnosis, Magic Meditation and the Stage Confidence of Quantum Visioning.

Are You Ready To Claim Your Spiritual Prosperity?

Yes, I want it now!

The rise of Your Prosperity, will grow out of the space you create from recognizing the exact financial position You are in today, and set your internal GPS to align with the next level You are committed to attaining.

You will break through the bottleneck and rise above your current upper limit, and expand into the invisible frequency of manifestation.

I want the key to money magic!

Your next level of Prosperity cannot be achieved at the same level You are vibrating at now! It’s an inside job, and that is why we call it Spiritual Prosperity Codes.

If you have ever experienced or heard about the profound results our clients receive from the Rapid Trauma Stress Release, this is the precise formula we utilize to rapidly release the story and turn it into Your Glory!

This is a powerful recoding of Ancestral Lineage, that plays a big role in how You receive money. As a World Class Healer and Activator of powerful bio hacking modalities, this is the golden elixer to free Your nervous system from trapped, murky old energy and clear it so You can finally give Yourself permission as a man or woman, to open up the floodgates and RECEIVE BABY!!!!! Yes, the innate power of feminine and masculine energy holds the key to Your Prosperity Codes.

Just as you would powerfully heal Your life through moving through the blocks that suppress the quantum flow of energy, in the same way, we utilize this formula to attain a new high vibe level of manifesting your prosperity!

I want the key to life long prosperity

Are you ready to STOP feeling caught in that sinking feeling of scarcity that is causng you to shrink back and starve Your Future Abundance. that you know you truly deserve?

Are you battling the feelings of inner dread around money, wealth and your future, and yet you know as a person of your calibre, there is a dirty big block that needs to be unplugged, and when this happens, there will be full availability of wealth flowing to You easily and effortlessly.

In the same way, a person heals their mind of the stress, and emotional baggage of their past, and pivots to the next level of empowerment, is the same methodology we will be utilizing for You to manifest money, miracles, and the magic of your SUPER-CONSCIOUS POWER!

After I ran a FREE MASTERCLASS around the 5 Master Keys to life, I made My first $50K in a month, whilst on an adventurous holiday in a tropical paradise.

The Law of attraction came out of living my life according to the secret of the 5 Master Keys where my energy was so high and yet I was so grounded.

It was a refreshed spirit, and operating with ease and flow out of an authentic space of joy, whilst serving those who were ready to experience abundance in full.

My gift is in the art of re-coding from desperation to realization of Your Genius Zone. In the first decade of practice, I had risen people from their trauma and into their purpose, where they activated their voice, their gift, and their self-worth.

People in my space were making decisions that increased their value beyond multiple 6 & 7 figures.

We witnessed people moving their life into self-value, where they demanded respect, and reverence and were able to speak their truth. We witnessed people hitting beyond 6 figures very swiftly, after shifting the needle of their self-worth. We saw people restoring their life with their family, friends, and in their careers, that they could not place a value on.

We saw people hitting 7 figures because suddenly the blocks were removed and they became laser-focused and able to give more in less time as a result of their clarity.

Money began flowing from all directions, to me, through me, and from me, when I did the work on my prosperity-coded beliefs and enlightened my spirit to the awakened genius that deserves to be rich.

When I decided to follow my spiritual calling, It was just a case of doing the inner work, to energetically aligning myself with the harmony of spirit, frequency of the body, and strategy of mindful intention around my service.

I want the key to money magic!

The intention of tapping into Your Zone of Genius will always be the Master Key to unlocking your purpose, mission, and legacy in Your Service. What may have taken you years and years, and tens of thousands of dollars, for you to learn and activate, can be fast-tracked in a few weeks through World Class Subconscious Modalities.

When you are energetically tapped into Your Zone of Genius, and prepared to face the truth around money, you will have the power to dissolve the stories – even beyond your logic.

You will breakthrough the ceiling of Your inner prosperity blocks, onto the other side of limitless purpose, passion and infinite possibilities.

If you want to know how I called in Miracle Money and Magnetically Attracted my dream clients, whilst holidaying on Cable Beach, You will learn how being tapped in and tuned into my Genius Zone attracted a client who paid me $10K in full after she had experienced a massive shift through a masterclas of 1 magic meditation. This is also the method that had awakened so many people’s Genius Creativity giving inspirational downloads of Programs and offers flowing on tap!

What sets us apart to give You laser speed results?

  • 30 days of holding You in our Container, so by the middle of 2024, You will 10X Your energy with Vision, Mission, and Purpose.
  • Daily Transmissions Monday to Friday for the full proof system of Your experience
  • ​Immediate Access into the Gold Star Program that offers an abundance of modalities, trainings, and meditations at Your finger tips for life.
  • The biohacking Trance/Meditations to rewire Your blueprint for Your Wealth Coded Spiritual Prosperity
  • Freedom to ask Advanced questions on my digital creation and strategy
I want the key to life long prosperity

If you are ready to Release the prosperity wound, through this Laser speed Quantum Program, this will weed it out, opening You up to the next dimension of Your Next Level. This is the one program that for many people opens up a whole new world of opportunity simply because it was the issue at the deepest core level that was stopping and blocking them from their highest potential.

Come and Experience Your New High Frequency that will break you through to being the Iconic World Changer You will become!

This will be a process of new neurons that wire together, fire together as Dr Joe Dispenza says. Therefore a new blueprint of Prosperity will be encoded into Your DNA.

Get ready to step into Your Next Level of Passion, Purpose and Billion dollar Energy where new patterns will be written for Your Health, Wealth, Success, and Freedom!

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A delicious
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