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In today’s coaching podcast, we center our discussion on Lacy’s dedication to cultivating genuine self-expression and encouraging creative freedom in writers. Join us on this exciting podcast adventure and discover the keys to literary success with Lacy Lieffers.

A little more on Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone guest…

Lacy Lieffers, the driving force behind Black Fox Marketing, is not just an accomplished author marketing coach; she’s a passionate advocate for writers looking to share their stories with the world. With her wealth of expertise in book promotion and branding, Lacy has guided numerous authors towards global recognition, best-selling success, and financial independence in the fiercely competitive publishing landscape.

Her mission revolves around fostering authentic self-expression and nurturing creative freedom. Lacy’s reservoir of wisdom and actionable advice serves as a wellspring of inspiration for both emerging wordsmiths and seasoned authors, encouraging them to uncover their unique voices and share their distinct perspectives on the global stage. With Lacy as their guiding star, authors embark on transformative journeys that go beyond mere words on paper, turning their literary dreams into resounding success stories that resonate with readers worldwide.

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