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Empowering women to design lives that they love living. Take control of your life!

If you are ready to make a big decision in Your life and You are feeling trapped in the 9 to 5 grind this podcast will help you to know how to make a decsion and move your mindset through the spiritual laws of success and her groundbreaking formula of the Dream Builder.

A little more on Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone guest…

Linda Elie International Speaker Best-Selling Author, Certified Infinite Possibilities Coach, Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Empowerment Coach.

Linda started Always Follow Your Bliss, LLC from her home in Florida. Since she had studied and implemented transformational success principles for over 30 years in her professional and personal life, she transitioned into the life she now leads as a speaker, consultant and coach after closing her prior businesses in accounting and horse training.

After becoming a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer in 2017, she expanded her coaching business into teaching groups in small workshop formats while she began traveling the world. She loves to learn and try new things. She is also an avid traveler, a ballroom dancer, a horse trainer, a mentor and she enjoys working with local charities to make a difference in her community.

As she added to her coaching certifications in 2022 by becoming a Certified Dreambuilder coach, she launched Always Follow Your Bliss.

Linda coaches fun and successful people who feel stuck in their lives so they can gain the confidence and clarity to achieve their next level of success while enjoying the highest level of fulfillment in life.

Because we consistently prioritize making our audience feel special, Linda has a special gift just for you: a PDF report on the impactful influence of words.

Impactful influence of words