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Welcome to our exhilarating Friday night session. In today’s life coaching podcast episode, we embark on a captivating journey into the world of Agne Veckyte, a passionate advocate for empowering women in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Join us as we delve into Agne’s remarkable journey and discover the transformative work she does in the realm of intuitive business insights.

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Agne Veckyte: Guiding Women Change-Makers, Healers, and Coaches on a Soulful Business Journey

Agne Veckyte is a Business Intuitive who empowers women change-makers, healers, and coaches to align their business passions with the wisdom of their own souls. Her mission is to facilitate easier business decision-making, connect clients with their authentic soul voices to attract soulmate clients, and liberate them from the fears and obstacles obstructing their desired revenue and global business expansion.

Over the past decade, Agne has immersed herself in various energetic modalities, mastering each one within a day. Among her accomplishments, she holds certifications as a Theta Healing instructor (with 24 certifications), an Akashic Record reading practitioner, a Radical Forgiveness Coach, and a SoulCollage® facilitator.

Agne’s dedication extends to teaching courses and hosting workshops in countries such as Lithuania, Portugal, Switzerland, and the UK. Currently, she collaborates with clients from four different continents.

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