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Welcome to ‘Anxiety Unraveled,’ the female leadership podcast that unravels the mysteries of anxiety and provides you with tools to conquer it. I’m your host, Terri Messenger, and today, we have a remarkable guest who has transformed her own life and is now dedicated to helping others do the same.

Stay tuned as we delve deep into the world of anxiety recovery with Brenda Sanders, right here on ‘Anxiety Unraveled.’

A little more on Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone guest…

Meet Brenda Sanders, a seasoned NeuroSomatic Anxiety Coach with three decades of personal triumph over anxiety. Her journey led her to cutting-edge neuroscience, igniting her passion to help others conquer their anxiety struggles.

Brenda is well-versed in state-of-the-art neurosomatic modalities. Her approach melds brain science with body-based practices, tailored to empower women like you on their path to anxiety recovery. She initiates the journey by fostering a profound sense of safety within your body and then guides you through the rewiring and reprogramming of troubling thoughts, rendering them powerless to trigger anxiety.

Movement becomes the medicine for releasing stored trauma and healing the nervous system, setting the stage for enduring anxiety recovery. As the mastermind behind Mood BOOST Yoga, Brenda extends her coaching to both private sessions and intimate group settings.

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