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Unleashing Your Wildest Dreams: An Interview with Angela Di Paola


In this enriching mentor podcast episode, we’re honored to introduce you to Angela Di Paola, a mental health therapist, author, speaker, and the visionary founder of Goalz Lab. Angela’s life story is far more than just a narrative; it serves as a profound testament to the transformative potential of reigniting the magic within us and wholeheartedly pursuing personal fulfillment. Come along with us as we dive deep into Angela’s inspiring journey and glean invaluable insights into the art of discovering and living your most fulfilling life.

A little more on Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone guest…

Angela Di Paola is not just a mental health therapist; she’s a catalyst for transformation. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and backed by over a decade of experience in the field, Angela’s mission is to reignite the spark and magic in her clients’ lives, guiding them towards profound personal fulfillment.

Her book, “That’s Life… Or Is It?” has become a lifeline for women on a quest for a more enriching and satisfying life. Angela’s approach blends captivating storytelling, humor, and practical self-help tools to illuminate the path of personal growth and happiness.

As an inspiring speaker, Angela shares invaluable insights into mental health and personal fulfillment, leaving audiences inspired and empowered. Through Goalz Lab, her brainchild, she has crafted a roadmap for those who have spent their lives prioritizing others, helping them reclaim their own desires and live a life filled with purpose—without guilt, overwhelm, or a sense of time slipping away.

Angela’s multifaceted contributions to mental health continue to create a profound impact. Her passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication are empowering women to rediscover their magic, conquer life’s challenges, and fully embrace their potential.

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